"Maja demands the sacrifice of the stag"
Statute of Störromantik

Störromantik roots in the fairytale murmuring ground of the German Romanticism, always figurative, touching and full of foreboding, but it applies new symbolism as a disturbance (German: "Störung"). The viewer is sheltered in cosiness and thereby disturbed. The honest hero struggling with mysterious forces, beeing astonished in the universe, from nature sheltered and outcasted at the same time, seduced by technology, entangled in myth, fulfilled in love.
The Störromantik works with selected quotes form our homeland: Soulful landscapes and astonishing artworks, wonderful fairytales, myths and poems, as well as unique creations form science and technology.
Störromantik will be a local heritage museum and she will tell new fantastic stories about things, which nobody no longer sees.

State: 01.09.18
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